'Rock Band 3' Demo Available

Rock Band 3 Demo

You've read our review, you've seen the trailers, what else do you need to really convince yourself to buy Rock Band 3? Just in case you have any doubt at all (and you shouldn't), Harmonix has made a demo of their wildly popular and excellent rhythm game available to the masses on Xbox LIVE and PSN.

The demo features a four song Quickplay list that allows players to preview keyboard segments (which are playable with a guitar controller) and the three-part harmonies carried over to Rock Band 3 from The Beatles: Rock Band. For Xbox LIVE users, the demo is only available for those who have a Gold account, at least until November 12, 2010. PSN users don't have to deal with any fuss to acquire the demo. The available song list in the Rock Band 3 demo follows:

  • Spacehog — “In the Meantime”
  • White Stripes — “Hardest Button to Button”
  • Slipknot — “Before I Forget”
  • Foreigner — “Cold As Ice”

Rock Band 3 may have just solidified its role as the ultimate party game. With the ability to drop in and out as you please, a wide variety of songs that will be sure to please almost anybody, and the opportunity to listen to your friends try and sing "Bohemian Rhapsody," there is little reason to not try the game out for yourself.

Many of us here at Game Rant are great fans of the Rock Band franchise. No other rhythm game out there has the same kind of music library (over 2,000 songs), and while other games may be similar, there's just something about Rock Band. It is unrivaled in its quality, gameplay, and sheer fun value.

I can't recommend this game enough to anyone, regardless of their ability to play any instrument, real or fake. In fact, after playing for a few hours, you might even think you can play the real thing (note: you probably can't). It is still fun to be a pretend musician, though.

Are you playing Rock Band 3? If not, do you plan to download the demo?

Rock Band 3 is rocking all over the world and in your living room right now for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS.

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