Harmonix Delivers New Rock Band 3 & Dance Central Trailers

New Rock Band 3 and Dance Central Trailers

It's a veritable Advent Calender of goodness, helping us all to count down the days until the release of the two most anticipated music games of the fall: Rock Band 3 and Dance Central. And what do we have behind today's doors? New videos, of course.

We all know by now that Rock Band 3 is packed with innovation: pitch correction, Road Challenges, Pro Mode, and more. But if you were to sum up what's great and new about Rock Band 3 in just one compound word, that word would be "keyboards."

Keyboards are the star of the show in the latest video for Harmonix's magnum opus. You'll get a fair earful of new tunes from the recently announced complete set list, as well. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you: the Rock Band 3 Keyboard Trailer.


Man! October can not come soon enough. But, remember, Harmonix isn't done with us after Rock Band 3 hits the streets. Not by a long shot.

Having gained control of the eyes, minds, and hands (and, I guess, feet, if you're playing the drums) of gamers the world over, Harmonix still isn't satisfied; they want our bodies, too. No doubt with that goal in mind, they are set to bring back the dancing game genre in a big, big way with Dance Central.

Party people, all the way from the show floor in Cologne, Germany, here it is: the Dance Central Gamescom Trailer.


As the trailer points out, Dance Central won a ton of this year's Games Critics Awards following its triumphant roll-out at E3 2010. Widely considered to be the lone shining gem in the Kinect launch lineup, Dance Central is the music game for those of us who have no interest in playing (pretend) instruments. Though we've only seen a small slice of the game's track list, the music for Dance Central seems to be getting every bit as much attention as the music for Rock Band.

Ranters, you know that we're looking forward to both of these games. It says it right there in the Rock Band 3 trailer: the game blew us away. We came away from our Dance Central hands-on equally impressed. And if you still haven't managed to catch Game Rant's Ryan Blanchard, Riley Little, and John Jacques laying it down on the dance floor, well, now's the time.

So, who's playing keyboards when Rock Band 3 hits the streets? And who's buying Kinect just to play Dance Central?

Rock Band 3 takes the stage October 26, 2010, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS.

Dance Central owns the dancefloor November 4, 2010, for Xbox 360 Kinect.

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