Finland based studio, Recoil Games, are bringing a new title to the PSN expected to hit the marketplace later this Summer. Originally revealed earlier this year at E3, Rochard is a 3D side scroller with elements of adventure and puzzle games.

Rochard follows a group of astro-miners who discover an alien structure on an asteroid by happenstance, confirming that humans are not alone in the universe. Shortly after the discovery, the team of astro-miners mysteriously disappears without a trace – except for one, John Rochard.

Now left on a deserted asteroid, Rochard must defend himself and the discovery against invading space pirates who are attacking the asteroid mine with intentions of taking over the alien structure for their gain. Rochard discovers that there are wondrous forces at work and must defend himself using his everyday mining tools matched with his wit and sarcasm. Flying solo, it is up to him to defend the discovery and save his friends.

The title carries a gorgeous visual style that reflects a blend of elements from games like Splosion Man, Team Fortress 2 and Shadow Complex,while mixing it’s own flavor within.

Check out the official game trailer below:


The fine folks at Recoil Games were kind enough to send over twelve exclusive not-yet-released screenshots from the game. From the screenshots you’ll get an additional taste of the level detail, depth of field effects and more. Take a peek below:

If you’re digging the look of the game, Recoil Games have also set us up with a couple desktop wallpapers, standard and HD versions, to dress up your workspace with. Set one of these up on your desktop to hold you over until the game arrives on PSN.

Rochard is expected to hit the PSN on PS3 later this Summer, price not yet announced.

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