Roccat Sova May Solve Your Couch PC Gaming Needs

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With the gaming industry continually expanding its reach inside the homes and offices of gamers, becoming the largest entertainment industry, so to must there be the hardware and peripherals to support it. This is why at every annual E3 trade show in Los Angeles, we spend hours upon hours looking that what tech and hardware companies have to offer, what improvements they’ve made, and what new interesting ways headsets, gaming mice and keyboards can continually evolve.

For Roccat, a top manufacturer of professional gaming hardware and accessories, they took a very practical approach. We consume entertainment through our large TVs and more and more households have their PCs or custom rigs hooked up as media centers and gaming machines in their living room, but there are a lot of question marks surrounding the appropriate input devices. Wired mice and keyboards can be problematic and there’s no right place to use a wireless keyboard and mouse… until now with the Roccat Sova. We followed along with Roccat’s “We Own The Couch” teasers and hints and now we know what it is.

The Sova eliminates uncomfortable couch gaming by consolidating peripherals into a centralized battle station. It is a keyboard and mousepad combined together into a unit that can rest comfortably on your lap, and Roccat had a prototype to unveil and showcase at E3 2014. The Sova has multiple USB inputs, is customizable to your size with its modular design and has 16 programmable buttons for the hardcore gamer needs. Think StarCraft from your couch from the video up top.

Key features to go along with the images:

  • Base is machined, high-quality premium brushed aluminum
  • 74 keys with Cherry MX Switches and Roccat per-key illumination
  • Ergonomic palm rest (below the keyboard)
  • Adjustable mouse pad that extends and retracts
  • Integrated cable channel for securing mouse
  • Padded leg rests
  • Long life battery pack
  • Anti-slip side panels
  • Full wireless assimilation to turn wired mouse into a wireless experience
  • High modulation to integrate other gadgets

Note: the Cherry MX switches are something we tested and loved on the Feenix Autore keyboard. Roccat is not holding back on the quality front. René Korte, ROCCAT founder and CEO:

“Sova is the option for gamers wishing to expand their arena without sacrificing gaming experience. Platforms like Steam are fantastic, but the experience can be devalued by the lack of adequate gaming equipment.  Gamers who wish to stream PC games to a living room television will no longer need to put up with latency issues and can now experience couch gaming at its fullest.”

“Gaming is a not a one size fits all concept and everybody has a particular set of tools, such as their favorite mouse. PC gamers use an increasing number of peripherals such as second-screen options and apps like ROCCAT’s Power-Grid to bolster their gaming experience, and the Sova gives gamers that ability away from the desktop.”

Do you PC game from the couch? Want to start?



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The Roccat Sova has no price or release date.

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