The Roccat Savu is a medium-sized right-handed mouse designed for gamers who enjoy having options to optimize settings to their own accord. With a range of up to 4000 DPI (and the options to set it at lower intervals), programmable buttons and a plethora of lighting colors, the Savu is a formidable option for any gamer in the market for a durable mouse.

The self-proclaimed “King of Optical Mice” comes packaged in a fine-looking box. Unwrapping it reveals a boldly designed mouse with braided wiring protecting the USB cable, which connects to the mouse with a durable strain-relief piece – something we’d like to see on more gaming mice.

Black in design with a color panel on the back, the Savu can be programmed via user profiles with different color settings and strobe effects. It goes without saying that in or out of the box, the design of the mouse gives it high-tech feel. In a weird way, it almost looks like a miniature Batmobile.

Expanding on the Easy-Shift technology of the Roccat Kone, the Savu features two buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse. These buttons let users create two different function sets for each mouse button and the scroll wheel, allowing the functionality of more buttons with the inclusion of less. It’s a system which works well, and leaves the right side of the mouse completely devoid of any extra space-consuming buttons. Pro gamers may be averse to non-traditional the system, but the intuitive design performs well if given a chance.

The grip of the mouse may surprise users at first, as it has the texture of sandpaper. The rugged design philosophy here reduces the chances of any finger slipping during heavy and intense use, where perspiration may become a factor. It didn’t take long to get accustomed to the feel of the mouse, and using it turned out to be a very comfortable experience – so comfortable, in fact, that the Savu replaced this reviewer’s previous mouse as the primary weapon of choice.

Roccat Savu Color Display

The underbelly of the beast reveals a clever bevelled design which allows the mouse to function relatively well on rougher surfaces – playing without a mousepad or on the edge of a laptop keyboard itself didn’t slow down the Savu to any noticeable degree. This makes it a versatile option for gamers on the go, who might not always have a steady surface environment handy.

The mouse also includes a Trophy Achievement system in the bundled software, awarding players for scrolling several thousand times, having 500 meters of mouse movement and similar feats. For whatever reason, Roccat thought it would be a good idea to have a ghoul-esque voice loudly proclaim “Congratulations, you’ve unlocked a trophy achievement!” whenever this happens, which is liable to scare the pants of unsuspecting users – especially if they’re just casually scrolling down a website at the time.

The included Savu program also has the added bonus of recording all statistics in regards to mouse usage, and gamers can horrify themselves by discovering they regularly do things like click the mouse 35,000 times in a single day. Of course, the main features of the software are all there: gamers can easily change everything from their DPI and color patterns all the way to their button assignment and horizontal tilt speed. These can then also be set to five different user profiles, allowing for users to quickly switch between their customized settings with ease.

The Specs

Size & Weight

  • Weight: 90 grams (0.20 lbs)\
  • Max. width: 7.2cm
  • Max. length: 12cm

Laser Sensor

  • Inches per second: 60
  • Maximum acceleration: 20 G
  • Lift distance: ~1mm
  • Maximum polling: 1.000 Hz

The mouse is listed as a Windows-only mouse, so Mac users will have to go for other options like the SteelSeries Xai.

Ultimately, it’s a fantastic piece of hardware designed for gaming, though it works great for everyday use as well. With a price point of $70, it’s a good buy for users looking for mouse that was built for the strenuous rigours of pro-gaming, but can offer much more past that kind of design focus. It’s one of the most surprisingly comfortable medium-sized mouses on the market, and features an impressive amount of quality built into each portion of the mouse. The Roccat Savu comes as a highly recommended purchase for the holiday season.

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