Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Review

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A gamer is only as good as his/her mouse, but not everyone is able (or willing) to break the bank to get one specifically designed for gaming. With that in mind, Roccat has released the Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse, with a goal of packing precision movement into a simple shell, styled for the modern gamer.

But in the effort to bring a compact mouse in at a small price tag, has Roccat missed the mark with the Lua? Read our review.

At first glance, the classification of the Lua as a ‘gaming mouse’ might seem a bit misleading, since it clearly lacks the extensive array of customizable button, or a shell molded to fit each and every contour of the human hand. But the truth is: where some gamer see an arsenal of side-mounted button as a necessity, there are others who view them as intimidating at best, and cumbersome and unnecessary at worst.

Keeping its inputs to three buttons, and adopting a symmetrical design that will fit perfectly into the palm of left or right-handed gamers, Roccat has kept a clear concept intact. And while it may lack in ‘wow’ factor (aside from the neon-blue design pulsating at adjustable speeds), the manufacturers haven’t skimped on build quality.

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Menu

The choice of a durable black plastic to be used on either side of the Lua gives a more tactile response while eliminating moisture retention, as the matte-finished upper is as comfortable in the palm as many higher-priced models. With a terrific response and feedback in each of the buttons, and the overall quickness of using such a compact mouse will likely live up to the expectations of faster-paced gamers – or simply those with smaller-than-average hands, without having to sacrifice build quality or precision in the process.

The Specs

  • Ambidextrous V-shape for left- and righthanders
  • No-sweat side grips for extended slip-free play
  • Ultra-precise 2D wheel with lock-in incremental steps
  • 2000 dpi optical Sensor
  • 60 ips maximum speed
  • 20 Gs of acceleration
  • 1.8 m USB cable
  • Product dimensions:
    • Width: 6.4 cm
    • Length: 11.5 cm
    • Product weight: 70 g

Roccat Tri Button Gaming Mouse

The only real criticism is the use of a plastic (as opposed to braided) USB cord, but that the Lua is priced at just $29.99, that’s one cost-saving measure we can live with, since consumers will be hard-pressed to find another area where the manufacturers have dropped the ball. And although the Lua performs admirably in its compact (but aesthetically pleasing) form factor, its lower palm height and overall size may be too small for some. Especially gamers who prefer a mouse nearly as large as their hand, or sporting the wealth of additional inputs that they’re willing to pay for.

If you’re looking for a compact “budget” gaming mouse – that looks just as stylish performing any task – or tend to find precise gaming mouses clumsy or over-sized, the Roccat Lua is a top choice. And at the asking price, it’s hard to think of anyone who would be disappointed with the purchase.

The Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse is available now for $29.99. Read more on the official site here.


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