Roccat Kone Pure Military Edition and Sense Mousepad Review

By | 2 years ago 

Whether you’re playing DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, or stuck at work making TPS reports; it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. A great mouse won’t make you a great PC gamer, but it can definitely take a good gamer to the next level. The new Roccat Kone Pure Military Edition may not look as complicated as some of the other high-end gaming peripherals on the market, but it packs a lot of power into its familiar shape.

If the palm-style shape of the mouse seems like something you’ve driven before, that’s because you probably have. The control-shape ergonomic design is essentially a scaled down version of the Kone Pure. The slightly smaller model will be a welcome change to consumers who are looking for a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing size, that still manages to offer the same functionality. In addition to the sleek design, the mouse also features a glowing Roccat logo, with 16.8 million color lighting options.

The look and feel of the mouse are definitely big selling points (unless you happen to be a left-handed gamer, in which case you’re out of luck), but most PC gamers are probably just as interested in what’s under the hood. Here’s the breakdown:

The Specs

  • 5000DPI PRO-OPTIC (R4) SENSOR for precision gaming at its best
  • ROCCAT CLICK MASTER switch tech powered by Omron
  • ROCCATâ„¢ EASY-SHIFT[+] button duplicator technology
  • 32-BIT TURBO CORE V2 PROCESSOR for lightning-fast computing speed
  • ADJUSTABLE DCU lift-off distance control
  • 576KB ON-BOARD MEMORY stores a wealth of macros and settings
  • 16.8 MILLION-COLOR LIGHTING with game profile illuminations
  • 7 MOUSE BUTTONS programmable + solid 2D Titan Wheel
  • HIGHEST-QUALITY BUILD for the longest gaming life

Roccat Pure Military Under the Hood

The seven buttons and scroll wheel may seem a little bare-bones, but the mouse offers a pretty useful feature to help make up for its absence of extra buttons. The Easy-Shift[+] features allows gamers to essentially double the amount of mapped clicks on the device. The rear side button takes on a role similar to a keyboard’s Shift key and enables gamers to map two functions to each of the other buttons.

The Easy-Shift[+] was essential to remapping my World of Warcraft and SWTOR setups for the mouse, but likely will only cause a distraction when you are playing an RTS or a first-person shooter. No worries there, though; the Shift feature can easily be switched off to avoid confusion or misclicks. This feature will definitely be ignored and seem useless to many gamers who can do more than enough with seven buttons, but the shifting is a good option to have for the rest of us.

Available in three colors and priced at $69, the Pure Kone Military Edition offers a unique peripheral that is comfortable and familiar to casual gamers, but powerful and versatile enough for the more hardcore crowd. The same price-range does offer a quite a few other options with a bit more customization options from competitors, but many of those will lack the comfort and familiarity offered by the Roccat product.

Roccat Sense Mousepad

Shoppers who pick up the mouse, may want to consider the companion mousepad, as well. The Sense pad covers a serious amount of surface (which could be a problem for gamers with small desks) and is equipped with a micro-crystal surface for optimal reading precision.

The difference between the $35 Sense mousepad and your standard mousepad will only be noticed by gamers aiming for peak performance, but it’s a reliable option if that is something that matters to you. Game Rant tested the Sense pad with the Roccat mouse, a Logitech, and a Razer; all of which had smooth rides on the surface.

Both the Roccat Kone Pure Military Edition mouse and Sense mousepad both offer quality gaming experiences across genres. The mouse may not be the best MMO mouse or the best FPS mouse, but it’s rare to find a product that offers such a reliable experience from genre to genre. For the non-professional gamer, this mouse could easily get the job done in just about any game.


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