Professional wrestling features colorful performers taking each other on in simulated combat, with plenty of pageantry and soap opera drama to keep fans engaged. Wrestling is all about being as ridiculous and over-the-top as possible, so what better way to spice it up even more than by adding robots to the equation?

YouTube channel Robot Pro-Wrestling Dekinnoka! asked that very question, and has created a series of videos featuring robots battling it out in a miniature professional wrestling ring. In one particularly entertaining encounter, we see reigning champion Saaga fight a tall blue robot named Yogoroza, in a match complete with spinning backfists, suplexes, and hilarious taunting from both competitors.

To make the encounter have a true WWE feel, the match even includes commentary and a third robot serving as the referee. Overall, the battle between Saaga and Yogoroza is rather entertaining, even though people that can’t understand Japanese may not be able to follow what the commentators are saying about the action.

Seeing these robots engage in professional wrestling action is good for a few laughs, and it begs the question, why is that the WWE rarely uses ridiculous guest characters in its games? Besides allowing players to unlock WWE legends, it could be fun to offer more absurd characters, like robots, as an incentive to more fully complete the game. In fact, this used to be common practice for sports games, with the Tony Hawk series in particular featuring numerous guest characters, such as Spider-Man, Darth Maul, and many others.

To WWE’s credit, the series hasn’t shied completely away from special guest characters in recent years. WWE 2K16, for example, saw The Terminator himself added to the lineup of playable superstars. However, WWE 2K17 stuck to actual WWE performers, and as the franchise continues to become more “simulation” than arcade game, it seems less likely that WWE will be willing to include fantasy characters like robots.

Source: Robot Pro-Wrestling Dekinnoka! – YouTube

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