GR Pick: 'Robot Chicken' Animator Uses Power Glove in Cool Way

Power Glove Mod Stop Motion

While gaming peripherals may be the bane of neat freaks and over-organizers, it’s very clear that the proliferation of game-related accessories isn’t going anywhere. From the dozen or so Wii remotes you have lying around the house to the numerous last-gen and current-gen controllers scattered across several drawers, there’s no shortage of peripherals to choose from.

But there are some peripherals out there that simply didn’t make a strong enough case. Accessories like the Power Glove felt more like ambitious flops than useful additions.

On its face, the Power Glove was a cool idea, but once gamers actually starting using the thing they found nothing but disappointment. Not on the level of, say, the Virtual Boy, but enough to call the Power Glove a failure.

One Power Glove owner, however, has found a clever use for Nintendo’s peripheral that, while not gaming-related, is actually quite cool. In fact, it makes us want a new Power Glove accessory if only to mod it to meet any number of needs.

Dillon Markey is a stop motion animator who has modded his Power Glove to essentially function like a wrist-mounted Bluetooth keyboard. With it, he can carefully scroll back and forth through recorded footage to determine if his minute changes to the stop motion figures look correct or not. Check out Markey’s work in the below documentary.


What Markey is able to do with the Power Glove is extremely impressive, even if there are likely more useful peripherals for his needs. Wireless keyboards and mice are nothing new to the PC world, but clearly Markey wants a little retro flair while he works.

Interestingly enough, with wireless technology what it is today, it may be time for a new attempt at a Power Glove-esque concept. Maybe not one geared towards the console gaming space, but for PC use instead. Yes, it’s a little goofy to have a giant (or even a small) keyboard on your wrist, but we’ve certainly seen weirder peripherals over the years.

Are there any gaming peripherals you use for a different purpose? Is the Power Glove due for a comeback?


Source: Vimeo

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