Robinson: The Journey Brings Dinosaur Virtual Reality to PlayStation VR

Robinson The Journey PS VR

Crytek reveals a new trailer for Robinson: The Journey, confirming that the in-development dinosaur-filled exploration title is set for a PlayStation VR release.

The emergence of virtual reality as a viable form of gaming has brought with it the chance for gamers to explore a variety of new worlds. Although much of the capital behind VR is based on the technology’s potential, future users now have a very finite idea about what to expect. This comes in the form of the new trailer for Robinson: The Journey, a Crytek title that promises players the ability to explore a world full on dinosaurs.

Robinson: The Journey was initially revealed during E3 2015, but the game has now been confirmed for a PlayStation VR release. The game will put players into the role of a young boy, accidentally crash landing on a strange planet full of strange flora and fauna. Then, the player character must explore the world around him, adventuring through the environment and, according to Executive Producer Elijah Freeman over on the PlayStation blog, act as a "pioneer" of sorts.

Freeman continued to explain about the origins of the title, with Crytek initially working on a series of demos entitled Back to Dinosaur Island. According to Freeman, the demos proved to be so popular that the developer felt they had confirmation to continue working on the project. Crytek has now set itself the task of providing gamers with a fantastic level of authenticity, and making a game that is both "visually stunning" and that delivers "a story that is emotionally engaging."


The game’s PlayStation VR release was announced during Paris Games Week, and was joined by a number of other huge reveals. Amongst other news, Horizon: Zero Dawn received an 8-minute video showcasing the open-world RPG’s gameplay. Meanwhile, the highly anticipate space exploration title No Man’s Sky finally received a release date, with the game expected to launch in June, 2016.

It’s no surprise to see Sony building more momentum for PlayStation VR. After all, the virtual reality market is expected to be one of the largest battlegrounds of the near-future games industry. Along with Microsoft’s multi-purpose HoloLens device, Sony’s VR faces competition from the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, whilst Valve entered into partnership with HTC to create the Vive headset.

Its’ also important for those interested in buying in to the virtual reality market to know exactly what content will be available. Although some games have already proved to be a hit with early adapters of VR, the form is still primarily the realm of tech demos such as Microsoft’s Minecraft showcase. Hopefully Robinson: The Journey proves to be a worthwhile gaming experience in its own right.

Source: YouTube, PlayStation

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