After a Best Buy pre-order listing teased the existence of Robin in Batman: Arkham City, many gamers feared that the gritty series had succumbed to fanboy whims and included a much campier character. Of course, this was only a rumor that could have easily been a mistakenly posted listing by Best Buy, but, as it turns out, it wasn’t.

Now, after the release of a promo photo for Robin in Batman: Arkham City, two things have been made clear: Robin most definitely will be playable in Arkham City and he looks pretty awesome.

Sporting the same muted duds that both Batman and newly announced playable character Catwoman, this Robin feels right at home in Rocksteady Studios’ milieu. Also, for fans of a more traditional Robin look, the Best Buy pre-order will come with an alternate Red Robin costume.

Unfortunately, unlike Catwoman, Robin will only be playable in two of the game’s challenge maps rather than during the main storyline. Titled Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape, these two challenge maps will also be available to owners of Arkham City sans pre-order, but getting to play them as Robin should be a real treat.

Whether or not this Robin will receive any sort of explanation or motivation for the challenge maps is unclear at this time, but we expect, as the game’s release date nears, we will continue to receive better looks at the Boy Wonder in action.

For now let us just feast our eyes on Arkham City’s Robin and thank Rocksteady for getting him right.

We suspect that, if this Robin appearance is well received by fans, Rocksteady might consider some serious co-op fun for their next Batman adventure, so go ahead and pre-order if you’re a Robin fan. All gamers need to do is head on over to Best Buy and then wait for the game’s release in October.

Will you be pre-ordering Batman: Arkham City from Best Buy in order to play as Robin? Would you like to see The Boy Wonder included in the next game’s main storyline?

Update: Good news, Bat-fans. According to Shacknews, Robin’s availability as a pre-order bonus through Best Buy is a timed exclusive. A Warner Bros. rep has confirmed that the character, “…will be made available to everyone some time after launch.”

Batman: Arkham City releases October 18, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source:, Shacknews