It looks like this time around it won’t be only the Dark Knight who has a significant advantage over the thugs of Gotham. According to a recent report on Batman: Arkham City, it was revealed that Catwoman and Robin each will have access to an “enhanced vision” mode that will provide insight either into various items of note within the game world.

This news comes to us from CVG who found out that both Catwoman and Robin (a pre-order character that will be playable in the game’s challenge maps) will each have their own version of “detective mode” that will provide a strategic advantage in Arkham City.

For Catwoman, this enhanced vision will be called “thief vision” and will allow your feline compatriot to identify items in the game world that can be stolen. Pretty typical for the character, but yet to be fully detailed in any of the game’s trailers shown thus far.

And then, for Robin, is “explosive vision,” which allows the boy wonder to see explosive items that might be hidden throughout the landscape of the various challenge maps. Most of these challenges require completing a set task in a pre-determined amount of time, so being able to identify any hindrances from the outset is a serious advantage.

Obviously, in the context of the game, it would make sense for Catwoman to have access to different abilities than Batman, in order to create a distinct experience when playing as her. Robin, on the other hand, is simply a challenge map character, so this is more of a bonus perk added on top of the pre-order to make getting all of those trophies/achievements that much easier.

While gamers will still be focusing on how Rocksteady plans to curb gamers’ overreliance on detective mode, there are two new enhanced vision abilities that will potentially provide an unfair advantage versus Arkham City’s AI. Still, it’s not fair to give Batman all of the gadgets and leave Robin and Catwoman with nothing to play with.

Do you think that Rocksteady is relying too much on these types of enhanced vision modes that it distracts from the game’s beautiful graphics? Which of the three would you most like to have access to?

Batman: Arkham City releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG