Robert Griffin III Named 'NCAA Football 13' Cover Athlete

Robert Griffin NCAA Football 13 Cover

Hot off his spectacular showing at the NFL Combine this past weekend, EA Sports has unveiled Robert Griffin III, or RG3 as he is more commonly known, as the cover athlete for NCAA Football 13. Beating out probable first pick in the draft Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III has cemented his legacy in sports game history without even throwing one pass in the NFL.

But RG3 won't be the only cover athlete for 2012's edition of the franchise as EA Sports announced that one of eight former college stars will be joining Griffin. As indicated by the cover's promotional image, RG3 will still be the main focus but the presence of a fellow Heisman winner should draw in older college football fans as well.

It was rumored last week that with mention of Heisman Trophy winners and former NCAA cover athletes like Mark Ingram that NCAA 13 would feature a heavier focus on the Heisman Trophy, but now it appears that scuttlebutt was actually in regards to this second cover spot. Those former athletes vying for the spot are Doug Flutie, Marcus Allen, Eddie George, Desmond Howard, Barry Sanders, Herschel Walker, Charlie Ward, and Andre Ware — each a Heisman winner like Griffin.

Though this rumor turned out to be in regards to something else, that doesn't mean EA Sports doesn't have something Heisman-related in the works for NCAA Football 13. Many sports franchises have seen a resurgence of fan support after including opportunities to relive some of sports' greatest moments, so it would make sense for NCAA to follow suit.

A Heisman mode alone won't move more units, but combined with some new gameplay mechanics — something the series has been sorely in need of — this year's iteration does have the potential for becoming a "must buy". Now if Robert Griffin III can have a great rookie season in the NFL, maybe he can win the fan vote for the 2014 cover of Madden.

To participate in EA Sports' fan vote for the second spot on the game's cover head on over to their Facebook page.

Do you think that Robert Griffin deserved the cover over Andrew Luck? Which former college star would you like to see on the cover with RG3?

NCAA Football 13 releases July 10, 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: Kotaku


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