Roadie Battle Returns in Wii Version of 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock'

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero is no stranger to the multiplayer experience. Since the beginning, the game has always been about bringing gamers together for a collective rock fest and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on the Wii is no different. With Guitar Hero 5, Activision took the idea of Wii/DS connectivity and used it as the platform to create a unique experience unlike anything that could be found on the other next gen consoles with Roadie Battle.

Warriors of Rock is taking the connectivity a step further and we have your first look:


Roadie Battle is sure to be the Wii version’s bread and butter for many Guitar Hero versions to come. As Warriors of Rock plans to set itself apart from anything Rock Band is doing with a more story oriented game, so is the Wii version attempting to separate itself from any other Guitar Hero game out there.

Pairing one Wii rocker, complete with customizable new guitar, with a roadie friend on the DS, Roadie Battle puts most of the pressure on the roadie to keep their team in the lead. As new mini games are successfully completed this allows for the sabotage of other competing groups in the form of exploding weapons or super speed.

Two modes in which the roadie DS option can be utilized are titled Roadie Set List Manager and the aforementioned Roadie Battle. In Roadie Set List Manager, the DS can be used to rifle through the rich set list Warriors of Rock has to offer to create a playlist for your guitarist while they are strumming away. With up to 8 players (4 on the Wii and 4 on the DS) battling for rock god supremacy, the Roadie Battle is all about teamwork. Just like with any good band the roadie helps the rocker in hitting as many notes as possible while at the same time sabotaging opposing teams. On the other end, as the Wii rocker hits correct notes, the roadie gains power ups to help defeat enemies of their own.

Roadie Battle, while not a new addition to Guitar Hero, has always made for a more intense multiplayer experience. Not only does it allow those friends who might not be as skilled at Guitar Hero to get involved, but it also widens up the number of simultaneous players. Guitar Hero might not be doing as much to reinvigorate the genre as Rock Band 3, but they are still trying to give gamers a great rhythm game experience. If none of what you have read about Guitar Hero has convinced you, give the demo a try and evaluate the game yourself.

What do you think of the Roadie Battles in Guitar Hero Ranters? Does it make you want to forgo your graphical superior 360 or PS3 version in favor of the Wii one?

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock puts the bullhorns in the air on September 28th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

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