If Microsoft’s press conference at E3 a couple of weeks ago means anything, the console giant is really putting its weight behind marketing the Kinect. There are numerous Kinect games targeting younger players, and plenty designed for all ages, but very few that are aiming for older gamers. That being said, Sega’s Rise of Nightmares is clearly being developed with only mature audiences in mind, a notion reinforced by the newest trailer.

Details about Rise of Nightmares first broke last September when it was announced at the Tokyo Game Show. Since then, Sega hasn’t revealed much else about the game, and horror fans have been left to wonder what might be in store. The latest trailer entitled ‘Welcome to the Nightmare’ gives a much better idea of what to expect.

The new trailer for Rise of Nightmares does a great job of conveying the tone and feel of the game, making it abundantly clear that this is not your standard casual Kinect game. The trailer is overflowing with gore and does not hold anything back when it comes to makingthe viewer’s skin crawl.

The horror aspect of the game seems well-crafted, but to make the game enjoyable, Rise of Nightmares is going to need some solid gameplay and controls to back it up. If they rely solely on gore and scares, and not how effectively the Kinect controls immerse players into the game, Sega could let a great opportunity pass them by.

Be warned, the ‘Welcome to the Nightmare’ trailer below is not for those that are young, squeamish, or as Sega puts it, “faint of heart:”

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If done right, the Kinect may be the perfect way to draw players into a horror game, and deliver scares in an even more-heightened environment. By forcing players to use their body to take out enemies, Rise of Nightmares makes the horror aspect more personal.

Just imagine playing a legitimately terrifying game with the lights turned off, having to physically hack and slash enemies out of the way to survive. If implemented in the right way, Rise of Nightmares is bound to scare the pants off those who play it.

It’s nice to see some variety in the Kinect games yet to come out. Rise of Nightmares is showing plenty of promise, and may turn out to be one motion title that won’t be accompanied by a “great job, Jeremy”.

Are you interested in mature titles for the Kinect? Does Rise of Nightmares have the right level of scary?

Rise of Nightmares will be available exclusively for Kinect on Xbox 360 this September.