Mature Kinect Game 'Rise of Nightmares' Set to Scare You In 2011

If you're not a fan of the Kinect due to the fear that a load of 'kid-games' will be headed to the Xbox, you need not worry! Sega just announced Rise of Nightmares, and it has one heck of a scary trailer. Mix in a dash of Saw, a nibble of Paranormal Activity and some genuine creepiness and you'll get Rise of Nightmares, which is set to be released for the Xbox Kinect in 2011.

Revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, Sega showed a trailer for the game which  in which the main character tells us he will die here, trapped within what just may be a nightmare, or reality -- perhaps a mixture of both. Check out this shakey-cam version of the trailer:

This is the first really serious, scary game we've seen developed for Kinect and I'm pretty excited to see how they pull it off. By actually doing the actions in-game, there's no telling how much that extra factor will absorb gamers into Rise of Nightmares, potentially opening the door for the game to do some serious freak-outs.

Not much has been revealed by the game, but with Sega Europe behind the wheels of development, you can count on Rise of Nightmares to deliver a solid experience. As this is the brave guinea pig of legit horror games for Kinect, how this fairs in the market may determine how many more similar games are pitched by developers.

You might be asking, "The game is made for Kinect, but can I play it with a controller?" So far the answer is sadly no. The game is being built from the ground up to be a Kinect feature -- the more they focus on one style of play, the better they can make it! In the end, we all want the best for a game, so try and hold the griping.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you enticed by the idea of a Kinect horror game? Do you think it'll really make you jump?

There's no news on what time in 2011 Rise of Nightmares will be released, so don't be expecting it as soon as January hits -- you could be in for the long haul with a Christmas-time release.

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