It’s with great dismay that have to inform you that the voice of one of the greatest, and misunderstood, video game villains of all time has passed away. Robert Culp, the voice actor for Half-Life 2‘s Dr. Wallace Breen, has died at the age of 79.

Steam released this announcement about their dear friend:

“We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of actor Robert Culp on March 24, 2010. We were fortunate enough to work with Culp during the making of Half-Life 2, when he wrestled invisible headcrabs, expressed a passionate interest in animation, and taught us all how to bring a character to life from words on a page, as he voiced one of gaming’s most beloved villains, Dr. Wallace Breen. He will be missed.”

Dr. Wallace Breen, administrator of the original Black Mesa facility, negotiator of the Combine treaty that enslaved humanity, and eventual Ruler of Earth and puppet of the Combine, we’ll miss you. Your noble intentions were never realized, but the fight continues without you.

So hear, hear! Here’s to Robert Culp! Everyone crack open a bottle of Dr. Breen’s Private Reserve and say goodbye to a great man.

Culp’s notable credits include appearances on Columbo, Wings, The Cosby Show, and Robot Chicken. He’s survived by five children and five grandchildren.

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