Riot Reaches Settlement In Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

riot games reaches settlement

Riot Games has announced that it reached a settlement in the recent lawsuit that accused the company of gender discrimination. The company said it has made many positive cultural changes internally.

A year ago, reports surfaced that Riot Games, the studio behind League of Legends, had severe issues with gender discrimination at its company. The reports described the company as a boys' club where only males could make any forward momentum. Women felt stifled by a male-dominated culture and perceived sexism that kept them from growing at the company.

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This lead to some female employees filing a lawsuit against the company for discrimination. The lawsuit alleged that the company did not provide equal pay for women and that its culture repeatedly kept female employees from moving into management positions. The employees felt stifled by Riot's culture and accused the company of not properly curtailing sexual harassment. Since the lawsuit, Riot has made its attempts to improve.

riot games reaches settlement

Now, it seems the company has reached an agreement in the lawsuit. In a statement on Riot's website, the company says that it has taken great steps in evolving its corporate culture in a way that will forge a path towards better equality for its employees. The company says that it did not find any systematic issues, but admitted that it can take steps to do better when it comes to the way it treats its female employees.

Riot provided a joint press release that serves as statement for both parties in the lawsuit. The press release also points to the company's public efforts to improve the working conditions for women. The courts have not yet approved the settlement, so the details still remain a mystery. Riot says it will disclose more information once the courts have finalized the deal.

After the trouble Riot went through, it makes sense that they would make this commitment. Riot has tried to remain as neutral as possible in this whole situation while simultaneously promising changes. Earlier this year, Riot employees staged a walkout to push back against the forced arbitration clauses in their contracts. The employees didn't suffer any consequences for the walkout, but Riot's position also didn't change as much as employees wanted it to.

For what it's worth, Riot has made efforts in the past to combat toxicity and harassment around its games. Early last year, Riot formed an anti-toxicity alliance with come other large game companies. Hopefully the company can make good on creating an environment that makes female employees feel more comfortable.

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Source: Riot Games (via Kotaku)

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