Rio Ferdinand Is Not Happy About His FIFA 17 Stats

Rio Ferdinand FIFA 17 Stats

Retired pro footballer and England international Rio Ferdinand is upset about his player rating in a FIFA 17 ultimate team card, which gave him a harsh passing rating.

FIFA 17 seems to be winning over most gamers with its brand new story mode and increasingly in-depth career mode, but one former professional football has a beef with the latest iteration of the franchise. As it turns out, former England international Rio Ferdinand is very displeased with his skill ranking from a FIFA 17 legends Ultimate Team card. While it was ranked a very likable 88 overall, the defender had problems with EA's decision to give him an 81 for pace and a low 65 in passing.

The legendary defender – who spent the majority of his career at Manchester United after transferring in from rivals Leeds United – may be facing decreased rating due to his final season at Queens Park Rangers, which was fraught with defensive miscues and ensured his career ended on a whimper rather than a bang. Still, his legendary card should be based upon the peak of his career, and even the card's character photograph reflects this – the digital Rio is still rocking his then-iconic cornrows, and it wasn't late in his career that he shaved his mane down to a tamer haircut.


This week, a FIFA producer went on the record to help explain how the studio decides on player ratings, but we expect any explanation to fall on deaf ears when it comes to Rio Ferdinand. While we can all agree that an 88 overall is a very likable score, perhaps giving his passing rating a lowball 65 is a little harsh. In any event, it's unlikely to change now - and since Rio retired just over a year ago, it's not like he'll be heading back out to the pitch to prove Electronic Arts' player raters wrong.

EA Canada hasn't stated any official response to Rio's comments, and it seems like the Burnaby-based studio is doing the polite thing by staying quiet with its reasoning.

Since Rio retired before dabbing became popular, his legendary FUT card is also likely the only time gamers will get a chance to see the England international perform the dance move on the pitch (or anywhere, really). With any luck his in-game persona will do a better job of it than current United stalwart Jesse Lingard, who seems to have taken a liken to dabbing as a goal celebration.

What do you think Rio's true rating should be, Ranters?

FIFA 17 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4.

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