RIME Gets Nintendo Switch Price Cut Following Backlash

Rime Nintendo Switch price cut

Rime, the upcoming adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda, has gotten a price cut on Nintendo Switch following huge backlash. Fans voiced anger when it was revealed that the game would cost more on Nintendo Switch than it would on other platforms.

In a post published by the title's publisher Grey Box earlier today, the company acknowledges that there were a "number of folks who weren't happy," even after it explained that the higher price was a result of additional development and publishing costs. It "totally" understands that no one wants to pay more, which is why, "determined to provide a fair deal for everyone around" including its retail partners, Rime will now cost $29.99 / €34.99 / £29.99 on Nintendo Switch which is the same as other platforms. Though, this is only for the digital version of the game.

Zelda-Like Rime Will Cost More on Nintendo Switch - Rime bird monster

Unfortunately, those who choose to purchase a physical version of Rime for Nintendo Switch will still have to pay extra for the game ($39.99). Grey Box says that it "can’t lower the price without selling at a loss," but what it can do is "add more value to the package." As such, the physical Switch version of the game also includes a printed code for a download of the game's soundtrack. That soundtrack is being sold separately for $10 "and equivalent prices elsewhere" so this is the same value as someone who purchased the game and the soundtrack, says the company.

Fans hoping to pick up a copy of Rime seem to agree that this is a fair compromise and many have already begun to praise the publisher for addressing their concerns about the game's price. The publisher's explanation also puts rumors to rest that Nintendo has a policy that Nintendo Switch games must cost the same at digital and retail.

Though, Rime is just one multi-platform game and Grey Box is just one publisher that has decided to reverse its Nintendo Switch pricing. There are still other multi-platform games like Minecraft: Story Mode that cost more money on Nintendo Switch than they do on other platforms. Fans have been just as upset about these other titles – and will likely continue to voice their frustration should the practice continue – but whether or not other publishers will follow Grey Box's lead and knock down the cost is yet to be seen.

Rime will be available on May 26th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will release later this summer.

Source: Grey Box

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