Trion Worlds Decreases Subscription Fees for MMO 'Rift'

Rift Lowered Subscription Fees

Rift, the 2011 MMO developed by Trion Worlds, has announced a decrease in subscription fees for its 3-month, 6-month, and annual plans. There’s no official reason as to why this decrease in prices is being rolled out, but one has to imagine a little title called Star Wars: The Old Republic has something to do with it.

To sweeten the deal even further, Trion Worlds announced that anyone who purchases a multi-month subscription would net themselves an extra 30 days of playtime, making each subscription package one month longer.

As the assumed last premium MMO in a new age of video games, everyone expects the impact of Star Wars: The Old Republic to be felt the world over. From game releases to subscription fees, it’s not surprising to hear that some of The Old Republic’s biggest competition is feeling its wrath.

Even World of Warcraft, the MMO that paved the way for something like The Old Republic to have such a rabid fan base, prepared itself for the coming onslaught by going partially free-to-play and announcing a new kid-approved expansion. That isn’t to say that The Old Republic will completely wipe any of these MMOs off the face of the planet, it is after all very much a product of WOW and others, but there’s going to be some big changes going forward.

Rift New Subscription Fees


Even though gamers might not have flocked to Rift as rabidly as they have SWTOR, it's still considered one of the more successful MMOs since World of Warcraft. While DCUO and others are being forced to go free-to-play Rift kept on trucking, and only just now has had to change its subscription fees to a more palatable level.

Perhaps with a new content update on the way, and this new subscription plan in place, Trion Worlds might even be able to sway those MMOers who have grown tired of Star Wars to give Rift a try.

Are you interested in returning to or checking out the world of Rift now that Trion Worlds has lowered their subscription fees? Do you think that this is the first in a long line of discounts brought on by The Old Republic’s popularity?

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