Rick and Morty Creator Justin Roiland is partnering with former Gears of War producer Tanya Watson to create a new VR gaming studio named Squanchtendo.

Justin Roiland, the man behind the cult-hit adult cartoon Rick and Morty, has now founded a videogame company named Squanchtendo – a studio name which shouldn’t surprise fans of the show. The 36 year old is no stranger to the video game industry, due primarily to his partnership with Owlchemy Labs to create Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality, along with having voiced a Rick and Morty DOTA 2 announcer pack last year. Of course, Roiland won’t be starting this studio up by himself as he’s enlisted Tanya Watson, a former Gears of War producer, to help establish the studio.

The studio will specialize in virtual reality titles, and was announced via a comic posted by Roiland earlier in the week. A cartoon studio mascot named Splzooshly stated that Squanchtendo would be making several large announcements in the near future, which makes it seem likely that Roiland and Watson already have a vision of what type of videogame(s) they’d like to create. The studio hasn’t specifically stated which VR platforms they’ll be producing games for, though the official Twitter has already retweeted an article about the PlayStation VR.

Gamers interested in taking a look at the official comic-based press release can do so here.

Squanchtendo VR Games

The name of the studio itself is a portmanteau of Squanchy (a cat-like creature from Rick and Morty who introduced the word squanch to mean something vague but intentionally dirty) and the name Nintendo. It looks like the artistic styling of Rick and Morty has been lent to the new Squanchtendo website, which features plenty of drooling characters and familiar art styles. It’ll be interesting to see if this artistic direction lends itself into whatever game Justin Roiland and Tanya Watson cook up, which seems like a likely goal considering the website specifically mentions that the studio is looking for artists who can take stylized 2D art and put it into the 3D realm.

The studio is currently hiring for several positions, so intrepid programmers, designers, and artists may want to take a gander at the website. The studio is only hiring those who live in or relocate to Los Angeles or Wake County, though they did say they will consider remote candidates in the future. In any event, the studio has a long way to go before it sees a finished product, and we wish them the best of luck.

What do you think about the announcement of Squanchtendo, Ranters? Do you think Roiland can cook up a creative VR game?

Source: Squanchtendo