The rise of eSports has seen games like DOTA 2 receive ample feature time on television networks like ESPN, although not everyone has been onboard with their mainstream airtime. Regardless of what side of the fence most are on, it’s clear that eSports has a huge market, and with that comes plenty of promotional tie-ins for games like DOTA 2.

The creator of Rick and Morty has built a huge audio announcer pack for the game, which features the two main characters bantering across almost an hour of audio. It was recently approved by communal vote, and is now available for purchase straight from the official website.

Justin Roiland, who voices both the main characters in the Adult Swim television show, confirmed on August 19th that the announcer pack had been approved. It took little time for things to show up on Valve’s end of things, and fans of the show have been giving the pack positive reviews across social media ever since. The pair of interdimensional space travelers, who are grandfather and grandson, deliver exactly the kind of dialogue one would expect Roiland to have come up with.

Rick and Morty DOTA 2

The package contains an astounding 48 minutes of straight audio lines to be used in the game, and it’s not just all fluff, either – all of them are entertaining, and a few even manage to raise eyebrows due to what they reveal about the show’s plotline. For instance, Rick specifically mentions that his current Morty is the fifth one he’s had, then finishes the line by saying “…that’s canon!”, a reference to if these audio lines count in the actual plotline.

Those interested in hearing the audio can listen to the full compilation here, though they should put headphones on if they don’t want to worry their neighbors.

The original package also intended to include a Mr. Meeseeks courier, a species from the show which finds existence painful. They are given a task and are forced to exist until the task is complete, and featured prominently in one episode of the first season (and subtly in the background later!). Gamers can still check it out from the above video and see what he would have looked like in-game, but for now it looks like Mr. Meseeks won’t have a home in the DOTA 2 universe.

Rick and Morty has certainly seen a rise to popularity since the show launched last year, earning applause for its unconventional humor and memorable characters, like series veteran Mr. Poopybutthole. Clearly, it’s not a show for everyone, but there’s likely a large demographic of Rick and Morty fans who also play DOTA 2, making this pack a smart move by Adult Swim.

Gamers can purchase the audio pack here for $7.99, and listen to Morty panic his way through each line and Rick deliver his mid-sentence belches.

What do you think about the Rick and Morty DOTA 2 pack, Ranters?

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