Retro 'Super Meat Boy' Trailer Will "Destroy Your Face"

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The Xbox Live Arcade’s Game Feast has been under way with two games already released (Comic Jumper and Hydrophobia) and two more on their way before the end of the month. One of those games, Super Meat Boy, is working hard to label itself a standout title. In this new retro-inspired trailer, we get our first look at Super Meat Boy’s unique sense of humor.

Looking like Loco Roco on steroids, Super Meat Boy touts itself as having a large number of levels spread out across a handful of worlds. From the trailer you can see that the objective of each level is to get Super Meat Boy from point A to point B while avoiding obstacles like spinning saw blades and rolling boulders. Based on the Meat Boy Flash game, developer Team Meat is taking their clever idea a step further by including an awesome story this time around.


Not only is Super Meat Boy a game that will put your reflexes to the test but it will also contain a story that will “blow your face.” From the brief blurb in the trailer we think it has something to do with rescuing Super Meat Boy’s girlfriend and we knew beforehand that your nemesis in the game will be one Dr. Fetus but we were too distracted by the sensory overload of the trailer to get much more beyond that.

Summer of Arcade, XBLA’s previous downloadable game was a huge hit and delivered some real gems. Though Comic Jumper, the first release under the Game Feast banner, didn’t quite deliver, our expectations are still high for Super Meat Boy. It might not be the most original title gameplay-wise, but it certainly has a sense of humor as indicated by the trailer. We can’t wait to splatter meat all over town.

What do you think of Super Meat Boy’s game play? Were you expecting something different or is it right up your alley?

Super Meat Boy releases October 20th on XBLA and some time in November on the PC and Wii.

Source: Joystiq

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