Retro Studios Working On A Big Project For The Wii 2

Retro Studios Wii 2 Title In Development

With information on the Wii 2 having surfaced over the last week, speculation about the new console has been nonstop. With promises of it being a "hardcore" gaming system to contrast with its casual-focused predecessor, and with fans going back and forth on whether or not they can deliver, everyone is paying attention to any piece of news that can shed some light on the subject.

Game developers seem to think it can happen, with the rumor of Grand Theft Auto V appearing on the system and now, longtime Nintendo developer Retro Studios is said to be working on a major title for "Project Cafe" as well.

This leaves a lot up in the air as to just what it could be. Retro Studios is credited with reviving two well-known franchises in Metroid and Donkey Kong and making them credible again, so logically, this new project would do the same. The question is, what franchise would it be? It would have to be one that had a popular game or two, but suddenly disappeared for one reason or another.

The Banjo-Kazooie series isn't exactly dead, but it isn't doing very well after the mess that was Nuts And Bolts. If Retro was somehow able to get the rights to it from Rare, then that would certainly be a well-received project. Similarly, there's the chance of a new Conker game. Despite fans giving a warm reception to Bad Fur Day, there's only been one title, which was remade on the Xbox. If Retro was able to get that from Rare, I can't imagine gamers not looking forward to a new and improved Conker's game.

While it's a series that's far from dead, a number of fans have wanted Retro to take a crack at the Legend Of Zelda series. Perhaps to return the series to its 2D roots as a side project to the main series? It would certainly be an interesting product, especially with the revival of "old-school" games. They could do it in the top-down style of Diablo and Magicka, keeping the 3D gameplay but bringing with it beautiful visuals.

What do you think this big project will be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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