Rumor Patrol: Retro Studios Working on New Metroid for Switch

Following months of speculation that a new adventure with Samus Aran was in the works, the rumors of a new Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch have intensified following a post from veteran video game composer - and renowned Metroid fan - Alexander Brandon.

In a new update on his official Facebook page, Brandon wrote about the various projects he was working on, such as voice overs and music work for Torment: Tides of Numenara, Aven Colony, and Voidrunner. But the most interesting part of the post was Brandon's reveal that he is currently working on a secret project with Retro Studios, the developer behind the critically-acclaimed Metroid Prime trilogy.

While Brandon kept his cards close to his chest as to what this secret project is, fans are speculating that the composer is in fact working with Retro on a new Samus Aran adventure, which lines up with recent rumors about a new Metroid game currently in development.

Metroid Prime NX

Despite hopes that a new Metroid game will launch with the Switch, this did not come to fruition and until the Big N confirms a new title, the future remains uncertain as to whether Samus Aran will be coming to Nintendo's newest console. Having said that, though, there is still hope that the bounty hunter may find a new life on the Switch at some point.

With Nintendo's new console/handheld hybrid console performing well and selling over 2.7 million consoles since its launch back in March, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has stated that the company still has more unannounced titles in development that will boost the Switch's sales even further. Given the fan demand of a new Metroid game, as well as numerous teases from Nintendo and Retro Studios that a new game may (or may not) be in development, it would not be a stretch to assume that one of those aforementioned unannounced Switch games could be a new Metroid title.

It ultimately remains to be seen whether Brandon and Retro Studios are indeed working on a new Metroid title, but fans hopefully won't have to wait too long to find out as E3 2017 is only a month away and Nintendo has promised a "big E3 this year" for the resurgent company.

Source: Facebook - Alexander Brandon

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