It’s hard to believe that E3 2012 is less than three weeks away, and along with it, the long-awaited roll out of official details on the Wii U — Nintendo’s next generation video game console. Currently the lineup of games being shown off for the system has only been partially revealed, with Miyamoto confirming that Super Mario Bros. and Pikmin 3 will both be shown for the Wii U at the Big N’s press conference.

As should be expected, Nintendo has a few other substantial games yet to be revealed for the Wii U too, and rumor has it that one of them is a game called Star Fox — Metroid: Fusion Saga.

In what may be one of the wildest rumors yet, Paul Gale Network (the same site that revealed the existence of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) claims that someone close to the project has spilled the beans. Even the site can’t confirm if the info they’ve received from their info is 100% accurate, they don’t even know if the game is in development now or just in the planning stages, but gamers will learn the truth inside of a month.

The project is allegedly being handled by Retro Studios; the same company behind the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga, as the game is tentatively titled, is said to star Fox McCloud and his team alongside Samus Aran as they team up to take on the evil Andross.

Fusion Saga begins by putting players in control of the Star Fox Team, and just as they enter light speed the team collides with Samus Aran’s orange ship. The perspective then shifts to that of Samus as she prepares for impact with the surface of the planet below. The Wii U controller’s screen will show off the interior of the ship as players move the controller around and push emergency buttons that light up — all while the television shows the craft’s steep and deadly decent through the planet’s atmosphere.

Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga Wii U

After surviving the crash, Samus begins her first-person adventure on the planet’s surface. As Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga progresses, players will constantly be swapped between the characters and how they play. Star Fox missions will feature on-rails ship battles, and Samus scenarios will be first-person. There will also be moments when Fox McCloud is on foot, and these will be third-person segments. Fox is said to have gained enhanced agility and on-foot movement capabilities since Star Fox: Adventures; comparable to even that of Ryu Habasa from Ninja Gaiden.

If gamers want to either play through either side of the story they’ll be able to do so, but the final portion of the game (when the heroes final meet up) will need to have completed both sides of the story. Gamers also have the option to jump back and forth to see what Fox and Samus are doing in the same time frame.

This game sounds like an incredibly ridiculous rumor, but it’s coming from a reliable source. That being said, fans should take this bit of information with a grain of salt. If Retro Studios is working on this game, then there’s no question that the necessity to own a Wii U will definitely go up — especially if it’s a launch title. Regardless, Nintendo will clear things up during their E3 press conference.

Would you buy a Wii U for Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga? Which Nintendo crossovers would you like to see?

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Source: Paul Gale Network