Retailer Lists Pre-order Option for 'God of War 4'

God of War 4 pre-order leak

Add one more item to God of War 4's prolific history of rumored leaks and leaked rumors.

When we last heard from the as-of-now-unconfirmed fourth installment to Sony's Greek mythology saga, it was being tweeted about by a retailer during a PlayStation event. This time however, a South African retailer, BT Games, has gone one step further (if such a thing can be measured) and is now accepting pre-orders for God of War 4 on its website.

For those who remember back to when a hot topic in gaming was whether or not BioWare should include multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, this is the same South African retailer who leaked in a pre-order advertisement what we now know to be the 4-player 'Galaxy at War' co-op mode for the title; they've proven they can be in the loop. The site also insinuates a February 2013 release date for God of War 4, but that sounds more like a "somewhere around a year from now"-type projection.

God of War 4 Rumor Pre-order

Right now, God of War 4  is an unconfirmed title the same way the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are "unconfirmed" gaming consoles - executives are mum, a Wikipedia page has yet to be created, but rumblings and ramblings among the inner cogs of the gaming industry have been more than enough to convince even the Flat Earth Society of the impending reality (and, in the case of retailers, allow them to prepare pre-order listings).

The exhaustive archive of evidence for the game's existence goes back to last March, when a freelance animator made mention of it on a resume posting. Conjecture streamed right on along from there with reports of multiplayer rumors, multiplayer co-op rumors surrounding Kratos and Deimos, developer Sony Santa Monica's search for a Senior Concept Artist, and composer Timothy Williams' claim that he was working on "orchestrations" for you-know-what.

Game Rant's 4-severed-limbs-out-of-5 review score for God of War 3 bestowed no shortage of justly deserved praise on Kratos and his epic, revenge fueled adventure. We'd love to see Sony Santa Monica change the dynamic in God of War 4 with a co-op mode and perhaps toss in some improved gameplay mechanics while they're at it.

If so, we might just take someone up on an early pre-order offer.


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Source: BT Games


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