Respawn Won't Be Talking About New Star Wars Game 'For a While'

Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Project

Despite announcing almost a year ago that it is working on a new Star Wars game, developer Respawn Entertainment has shared with gamers that it’s not ready to share any more details about the title, and won’t be for a while. The update was shared on the Titanfall blog, as part of an update about the future of the Titanfall franchise.

The bit about Respawn’s Star Wars game was brief, but to the point, about gamers having to wait for more information. The post said this about the developer’s Star Wars title:

"Titanfall isn’t the only game being worked on here at Respawn. Stig Asmussen, who previously worked on the God of War franchise, has been leading a separate team that has been quietly working away on our Star Wars title. That project is still wrapped in secrecy and we won’t be talking about it for a while."


While it’s disappointing that gamers won’t have any more news about Respawn’s Star Wars title for a while, at least the developer was forthcoming that news will be scarce for the foreseeable future. Maybe gamers will get lucky and something will come up during E3 2017, though nothing of that nature has been confirmed or even hinted at. It's more likely that Respawn will have more to say about Titanfall 2's DLC plans at E3 - the blog post even acknowledges that the developer hasn't given a clear idea as to what the future looks like.

Lucky for fans, Respawn isn’t the only EA developer hard at work on a Star Wars title. Visceral Games, which is well known for the Dead Space series and the Battlefield Hardline spin-off, also has a Star Wars title in development. Little is currently known about that game as well, besides the fact that Amy Hennig is creative director, but the game is reportedly the furthest along in development.

There’s also Star Wars Battlefront 2, which is set to release later this year and should include a single player campaign, unlike its predecessor.

All-in-all, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to Star Wars game, and Respawn’s project is just one of the many in development. Until more information is released about that title, though, gamers can look forward to the upcoming expansions to Titanfall 2, which will be free to all players.

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars project currently has no tentative release window or planned platforms, at least right now. Gamers can expect more information in the coming months.

Source: Titanfall

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