Following the controversy of the recent Infinity Ward / Respawn Entertainment / Activision debacle, gamers have been left wondering what will be the first title to come out of Vince Zampella/Jason West’s new studio.

Although Respawn Entertainment didn’t have anything to show at E3 this year, it’s clear that the studio is working on a new, unannounced title – according to Michael Pachter, of Wedbush Morgan Securities, the title will be a “Halo killer“.

Speaking on the latest episode of Pach-Attack!, his online show hosted by Gametrailers, Pachter was asked about his thoughts on the variety within the gaming industry, and his musings soon turned to modern warfare-based shooters, as well as space-based shooters;

“I think that as long as [modern warfare shooters] sell, you’re going to see a lot of clones — and they are selling. The one genre that hasn’t been cloned a lot is the space shooter. So, I’ll make a prediction here; Respawn Entertainment – the ex-Infinity Ward guys – that’s their next game. They’re going to make a Halo killer. A game that’s going to compete in the space shooter genre.”

Now, the key thing to remember here is, Michael Pachter is just a man. Usually, he does not have “insider info,” and when he does, he’s not likely to spread it on the internet. He is, however, a clever man, capable of making educated guesses. Is it likely and/or viable for Respawn to create a shooter that will be compared to the upcoming Halo Reach? Absolutely.

Whilst some gamers felt that Modern Warfare 2 was a disappointment in some respects, it’s fair to say that Call of Duty 4 was universally loved by nearly all that played it. The talented developers working at Respawn are not to be underestimated — they know how to make a kickass game.

Is it likely that they’d move into the space warfare genre? There have long been rumors that the (then) Infinity Ward team wanted to create a Call of Duty: Future Warfare-eque title, and it’s partly a result of this project that West and Zampella were disbanded from Activision’s employ. Now part of the EA Partners program, the developers are allowed to create any title they choose — a very attractive proposition for the creative minds.

Do you believe Pachter’s right? Will Respawn Entertainment make a Halo killer? What else could they be working on? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Pach-Attack!