Respawn Entertainment Teases New IP with Another Blurry Image

Respawn Entertainment Teases New IP Blurry Image

The folks at Respawn Entertainment are at it again with a new extremely blurry image meant to tease their first title. Primarily made up ex Infinity Ward folks, including key creative members Jason West and Vince Zampella, Respawn Entertainment already has a significant amount of buzz surrounding their next product.

While the first blurry teaser image for this yet to be named IP had some elements that could be made out, this newest image (included below) almost hurts my eyes to look at. There appear to be a couple of characters in the bottom right, and it looks like some sort of jungle setting is being depicted, but that’s really just grasping at straws at this point.

After Jason West and Vince Zampella parted ways with Infinity Ward, and more importantly Activision, there was a ton of speculation as to what direction the two might be headed. Unfortunately, since then, the only real developments that have been made are in the two’s court case with Activision, and not much with their work at Respawn.

Another Blurry Image for Respawn Entertainment New IP

We know that Respawn has gone to Electronic Arts — Activision’s biggest competitor in the FPS market — for publishing duties, and once this title begins to come together I’d expect a similar type of mud-slinging to occur. But now, it won’t be two similar properties battling it out for gamers’ dollars, it will be a property going up against those who made that property great.

One would assume that this new product would be a first person shooter, given the developer’s strength in that genre, but even that doesn’t seem like a given. All we can say with genuine confidence is that gamers are greatly anticipating this Respawn Entertainment product, and these blurry images aren’t doing much to calm that anticipation.

Based on this and the previously released blurry image what do you think this new Respawn IP is? Would you like to see West and Zampella deliver another FPS or move into a new genre?

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