After Jason West and Vince Zampella less than amicably departed the Infinity Ward offices, many gamers hoped that the two creative individuals would land safely on their feet. While their new studio Respawn Entertainment has yet to deliver any substantial news regarding games, the developer’s official site has now launched and comes complete with a brief tease of the studio’s first game.

Unfortunately the teased screenshot/concept art is blurred in order to prevent any real analysis of what Respawn Entertainment is working on. Based on the shot’s scope one can assume it’s of a landscape, but what type of landscape (sci-fi, medieval, etc…) it is won’t be known until Respawn makes an official announcement.

To add a little more fuel to the fire, according to a job directory for Respawn, it appears that the developer has hired concept artist Ian McCaig to work on their first game. McCaig’s credits include films like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the Star Wars prequels, so one can presume that perhaps Respawn is looking for a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, at least as far as the design of their first game is concerned.

You be the judge and check out the blurry screenshot below:

Blurry Respawn Entertainment Concept Art

Unfortunately for West and Zampella, work on Respawn Entertainment’s first title won’t be at the forefront of their minds as the two begin their sure-to-be-arduous case against Activision. Now headed to trial, this potentially hopeless case could put a bit of a damper on Respawn’s progress despite this official site and placeholder logo being unveiled.

But, nonetheless, gamers have plenty to be excited about Respawn Entertainment, West, and Zampella’s next project if only because of the pedigree of the team involved with the project. Though it might not be of the genre or style that gamers saw Infinity Ward deliver, this first project will definitely carry the same stamp of quality, and that’s a very good thing.

What type of genre, gameplay style, or setting would you like to see Respawn explore with their first title? What do you make of the first blurry photo from Respawn Entertainment’s first project?

Source: Respawn Entertainment (via Gamespot)