It’s been almost three years since Respawn Entertainment was formed by Jason West and Vince Zampella, and the creative minds that brought military shooters into the modern age have yet to announce anything about their next game. Apparently, that’s about to change.

According to Zampella himself, not only will Respawn (an EA Partner) be present at E3 2013, they won’t be showing up empty-handed when they do. We assume it’s time to get ready for a ‘Halo-killer‘?

Before anyone thinks this is a repeat of the fake-out Electronic Arts pulled during their press conference at last year’s E3, here’s the new confirmation, straight from the developer themselves:

And just to clarify that an announcement or reveal is coming, not a tease:

To this point there’s little to no evidence of what Respawn has been up to, besides this blurry image, and this even blurrier image. Since first-person shooters were the type of games that Zampella and West used to make them and their team some of the highest paid developers in the industry, it’s been assumed that Ea has them hard at work on a new FPS.

We’re not complaining, since people tend to do what they’re most successful at (just look at Bungie). But not knowing anything about the game in development for this long has been torturous for West/Zampella fans, not to mention a hint that momentum may be hard to ever come by. Especially with Call of Duty doing just fine without the duo (or the many team members that exited shortly after).

Judge Rules EA Must Defend Against Activision

Let’s all just be happy that the pair of jilted programmers have had the chance to tell their side of the Activision lawsuit story, and the case has been settled. Now, everyone can get back to just making games, and West and Zampella can remind the industry why everyone found their games so downright revolutionary.

What do you hope to see from Respawn’s announcement come E3 2013? Gameplay footage, a live demo, or just a larger look at their approach to design, a la Bungie’s Destiny ViDoc?

We’ll keep you updated when Respawn makes an announcement or releases details.

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Source: Vince Zampella (via GameInformer)