Respawn Entertainment Talks Life After 'Call Of Duty'

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While 2009's Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 2 brought plenty of prosperity to Activision, it also led to the controversial lawsuit between Activision and series creators Jason West and Vince Zampella. While the lawsuit still remains unresolved, West and Zampella now have their own studio, Respawn Entertainment, and recently took the time to talk about the studio's future.

For gamers who have not been following the fallout between West and Zampella with Activision, the former Infinity Ward heads left Activision and are now part of the EA Partners Program. Interestingly enough, because West and Zampella both used to work for EA creating Medal Of Honor games, but left after numouerous creative differences.

The studio itself is already growing, with fifty-five full time employees and another four or five working as contractors, and both West and Zampella expect that number to grow before they truly begin work on their next title. Zampella says that they are still hiring and will continue to do so, though it will take a while to find the proper size for the team.

"We'll get bigger, but we're slowing growing."

This statement was echoed by Jason West, who also feels that they will not begin work on their next game until they have the right amount of people to work on the title.

"The trick there is it's always just time versus size of the team. So you can take longer and have fewer people or you can get bigger and do some things faster, so if things have to take a little longer they could take a little longer and if we're fortunate enough to find more awesome talent then we'll do that."

And so it seems that there is a direct correlation between the amount of  people working at Respawn and when the new game will finally be announced. If West and Zampella are able to hire enough people soon then we could hear about the title in the not too distant future; however, seeing as how they are "slowly growing"  it may still be a while before any details are finally announced.

Many employees from Infinity Ward left to join Respawn, with only a fraction now remaining at Activision's studio, which many assume is the reason Sledgehammer Games had to cancel their third person Call of Duty and help out Infinity Ward. The whole story behind the fallout is still very convoluted, with West and Zampella claiming Activision withheld royalties - and Activision claiming a breach of contract is to blame. While the lawsuit will still take a long time to sort out, hopefully gamers will get to see what Respawn has in store before the case is closed.


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Source: IGN

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