Insomniac & Sony Have 'Working Relationship'; New Developers Could Take On 'Resistance'

Resistance 3 May Live On With Sony

Yesterday, to the dismay of many fans, Insomniac Games announced that they will no longer be making Resistance games. There may be a bit of a silver lining however, as Insomniac believes the franchise can still live on with Sony.

Insomniac released a video of company president Ted Price discussing why they have chosen to leave the franchise behind. The reasoning is that they believe the story arc they set out to tell has reached its "logical conclusion."

However, as Price states, this does not mean the end of the series.

In a past interview, Resistance 3's Creative Director Marcus Smith said that the game's ending should be taken to mean there are still millions of Chimera on Earth, not that the humans have won. In addition, Insomniac does have the entire Chimeran mythology mapped out, so it sounds like all it would take for the franchise to continue is for Sony to leave the game in capable hands.


As Ted Price states in the above video, Nihilistic Software is currently hard at work on Resistance: Burning Skies for the Vita.

The following is total speculation on my part, but if Sony wanted to keep the franchise going Nihilistic would probably be one of their first choices. If Resistance: Burning Skies is well received then it would make sense to have Nihilistic continue work on the franchise. The other choice could always be Sony Bend, as their PSP Resistance game, Resistance: Retribution is still highly regarded. Both developers certainly know more about the series mythology than any of Sony's other first/second party studios and have past experience developing titles in the franchise.

While this may seem to be the end of Insomniac's Resistance games, it may not be the end of Insomniac developed PS3 exclusives. Sony spoke out regarding their relationship with Insomniac, and it sound like the duo still has plans to work together.

"[We] had a long and positive relationship with Insomniac and wish them the best of success on their new project Overstrike. Although we have made no announcements on future products we do still have a working relationship with Insomniac."

Currently, Resistance 3 has only seen the release of one DLC add-on, the Brutality Pack, so it's possible that this "working relationship" could relate to more DLC down the pipeline. It would also be possible for Insomniac to be working on a new Ratchet and Clank game. It seems only time will tell when it comes to future Insomniac/Sony products, and as a huge Resistance fan I wish the developer all of the best.


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Source: IGN

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