With the constant news feed concerning the PSN hack and subsequent down time, it’s sad to think of how many games aren’t getting the coverage or attention they deserve. Resistance 3 is one title than loyal fans are likely awaiting with much anticipation, and in order to get more people up to speed, it now seems that Insomniac will be releasing the first two¬†titles in one collection this summer called the Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack ahead of Resistance 3‘s September release.

That’s according to IGN, who are reporting that Blu-ray copies of Battle: Los Angeles (which also contain a playable demo of R3) include an insert advertising the Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack.

The collection would contain both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, along with $10 of content and a Resistance 3 skin for just $39.99.

The insert gives a release date of Summer 2011, which would put the combo in stores at least a month or two ahead of Resistance 3. In case you haven’t been following the story of R3, the new protagonist’s journey is strongly tied to the past two titles, so players could be a little lost if they haven’t completed them.

We’ve seen bonus multiplayer skins offered with much less content backing them up, and getting two games for less than the price of one is always welcome. Whether the offer is going to be North America only with higher prices or different features globally is anyone’s guess, since Insomniac Games has yet to officially announce the collection. But for the moment, this seems like a wise business move for both the developers and Sony.

There are likely many players who have parted ways with their copies of the first two games, or newcomers who would love to overcome the price barrier and see what events have led to Joseph Capelli’s current trek across a ruined Midwest. By offering a two-for-one deal, every player who picks up the bundle is potentially one more sale of Resistance 3 in the bag, and Sony could use some insurance at the moment.

We still don’t know just how quickly PSN will be back up and running at its past levels – if ever – and Resistance 3 could be one of the titles that comes to its rescue. The standard gameplay we’ve seen looks as impressive as any other PS3-exclusive shooter, but solid multiplayer action is what’s needed to get players back online.

If there are still any doubts that Sony is getting their money’s worth out of the Resistance exclusivity deal, did we mention that it will be supporting both 3D and Move? Who know, this exclusive might end up having a more positive impact than anyone would have expected a few months ago.

What’s your thoughts on the offer? Will you be picking up the bundle when it’s released, or are you more interested in seeing what’s in store for R3?

We’ll keep you up to date if and when the Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack is officially announced, obviously some time before Resistance 3 is released on September 8 for the PlayStation 3.

Source: IGN