Just before the holiday gaming season began, Sony announced that a handful of the PS3’s best selling franchises would be sold as Collections. Insomniac Game’s Resistance franchise looks to be one of them, with the console-exclusive franchise confirmed to be receiving its own compilation.

The Resistance Collection will launch this Winter on the PS3, and brings with it the three mainline console games: Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3. DLC for the latter two games will be included, giving gamers access to the Aftermath map pack and skin bundle from Resistance 2, as well as the Survivor Pack and Brutality Pack from Resistance 3. The two map packs released for Fall of Man are available for free through the PlayStation Store.

Players will be able to pick up all three of the bundled Resistance games for $39.99, however, the release date has yet to be announced. Sony has released the final box art, sporting a variant of the bleak but iconic Fall of Man box art superimposed on a white background. Not too hard on the eyes at all (insert multiple-eye-pun here).

Take a look:

Resistance Collection Box Art

One question surrounding the Resistance Collection is whether or not Fall of Man will be receiving a trophy patch, a la Metal Gear Solid 4. Though the title landed on our list of games that need a trophies, series developer Insomniac has explained multiple times that such a patch isn’t feasible. Sony does own the rights to the franchise, leaving us hopeful that the publisher’s internal engineers could be put to work developing some sort of version for the die-hards.

Though Resistance was  never the most popular of Sony’s franchises, it has been with the PS3 from the beginning. Fall of Man was a premiere launch title for the PS3, spawning two sequels, an exceptional PSP title and a rather bland Vita game. Fans have expressed their displeasure in the change of direction Insomniac took with Resistance 2 – though as Game Rant’s resident Resistance fanboy I do feel obliged to point out that I loved the sequel.

Unfortunately, Insomniac will no longer be working on the series, and Sony currently does not have any more games planned. A true shame, because while Resistance 3 may have sold poorly, it was easily one of 2011’s stand out titles.

Look for The Resistance Collection exclusively on the PS3 this Winter.

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Source: PlayStation Blog