Resistance: Burning Skies launches late next month and as such, Sony and developer Nihilistic Software have been trickling out information for the past couple of weeks. Today, the final multiplayer mode has been revealed, as well as the neat little pre-order bonuses one can look forward to.

We posted a trailer last week for Resistance: Burning Skieseight-player multiplayer, one that revealed there will be three different multiplayer game modes at launch, including the standard Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch. The third mode was kept secret. It has been revealed since that this third option is Survival mode, borrowing from prior Resistance games – though most gamers may draw similarities between it and Call of Duty‘s Infected game mode.

Survival is an eight-player mode that has six players start off as humans and the other two as Chimera. If a human player is killed by one of their alien hunters, they will respawn as a Chimera. The human left standing wins the match, though it’s not over until he/she is killed. It’s unfortunate that the developers didn’t try for something like Resistance 3‘s Brutality Pack, which has two players fight against waves of enemies, but Survival should provide a decent enough distraction.

Sony also revealed some of the pre-order bonuses for the Vita shooter today. Those who pre-order at participating retailers will have access to three avatars, one of main character Tom Riley – who players learned about in the story trailer; a female character named Ellie, and of course, the series’ staple Chimeran Hybrid. Players will also receive a Resistance: Burning Skies lock screen for their Vita. Sadly, Sony did not share who any of the participating retailers are.

For some, these are pretty arbitrary bonuses, but there’s one addition fans might be interesting in hearing about: Pre-orders will also come with a bonus that allows one to jump straight to level 5 in multiplayer. This enables participating players to get early access to the Hedgehog Grenade – a grenade that shoots spikes in all directions upon exploding – and one weapon upgrade point. Sony has implemented similar pre-order bonuses for their first-party games before, including Killzone 3, wherein players who dropped a few dollars early were rewarded with multiplayer unlock points. The Hedgehog in Resistance 3 was rather ineffective, so don’t worry about balancing issues on day one.

Survival makes for an appropriate fit for the handheld Resistance title, but it’d be great to have more than just three game modes. The already-mentioned Brutality mode would add more to the experience, as well as other game modes like Capture The Flag or even a Classic mode that does away with weapon upgrades and character abilities. If the game is popular enough, perhaps these will be implemented at a later date.

Resistance: Burning Skies is available May 29th, 2012 for the PlayStation Vita.

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Source: PlayStation Blog