Scant 'Resistance: Burning Skies' Multiplayer Details Revealed

Resistance Burning Skies Multiplayer Details

After appearing in three distinct iterations across all three Resistance titles, there's a bit of mystery surrounding what form multiplayer will take on when the franchise comes to the Vita with Resistance: Burning Skies. We've been receiving a few story details here and there, but nothing much has been revealed about the multiplayer.

Just today, though, Sony released a brief info page breaking down the multiplayer, and it seems like pretty standard fare, if it isn't a bit sparse. The multiplayer will support up to 8 players across 6 different maps, and will feature 3 unknown gameplay modes. Despite the Vita featuring support for 3G through AT&T, the multiplayer will only be capable over Wi-Fi.

The multiplayer element in Burning Skies was labeled as a competitive one, (sorry fans of Resistance 2's cooperative multiplayer), but beyond that not much was revealed. Burning Skies' predecessor, Resistance 3, featured a revamped version of the R1 multiplayer with a lot of Call of Duty-esque trappings, making that style a worthy candidate for this Vita title.

Despite losing series creator and developer Insomniac Games, Resistance seems to be continuing on business as usual, with Burning Skies marking the second time the series has hit gamers' consoles without the Insomniac logo. Brief looks at the game's trailer reveal that not much should change with Burning Skies, and fans can expect some creative killing and a compelling new story.

Like Resistance 3, Burning Skies will place gamers in control of a new protagonist; only the events of this game take place around the start of the second game. It's got all the markings of a Resistance game — from new races of Chimera to some wholly unique weapons — and will be yet another way for Vita owners to get their multiplayer fix.

Hopefully Sony is planning something a bit flashier for this multiplayer reveal, perhaps a trailer, and it's not just this info page with all the details.

What would you like to see out of Resistance: Burning Skies' multiplayer? Does 6 maps and 3 modes seem pretty sparse for a Resistance game?

Resistance: Burning Skies releases May 29, 2012 for the PlayStation Vita.

Source: Resistance: Burning Skies (via IGN)

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