With Resistance 3 almost upon us there isn’t much, as far as the gameplay is concerned, that Sony hasn’t shown us. What they have yet to really detail though, are those behind-the-scenes creative moments — showing developer Insomniac Games at work.

To create a better sense of the minds behind Resistance 3, several making of trailers have been released — one focused on the weapons of the game and the other on the game’s soundtrack.

In the world of Resistance, the key to survival has always been picking up the Chimeran weapons. While human technology can do the trick against weaker enemies, when faced with the stronger, and more agile foes of Resistance 3, nothing beats a weapon like the Auger or the Bullseye.

But, with this being the third entry in the series, the humans have come a long way in their fight with the Chimera and have actually developed combinations of human and Chimeran technology that do nothing but cause problems for the yellow-skinned aliens.

A prime example of this idea is the Mutator, a pseudo-shotgun that puts out a chemical that causes the Chimera to develop large boils, which will eventually explode. Developer Insomniac has always been known for clever weapons like those featured in Resistance and Ratchet and Clank, and the Mutator is a perfect example of their creativity.

And then of course there are the downright awesome weapons like the Dead Eye and the Atomizer. Each possess their own strengths and weaknesses — Dead Eye is your traditional sniper rifle with a few twists thrown in while the Atomizer is a close range “wrecking ball” — and are fully upgradeable like all of the weapons in Resistance 3.

For a closer look at the weapons of Resistance 3, check out the making-of below:


Though the weaponry of Resistance 3 is definitely an important part of the gameplay, an integral part of the experience is also the music. Helping set the mood and the tone of this very somber game, composer Boris Salchow was put to task.

For Resistance 3, Salchow wanted to parallel the hopelessness of a planet under alien occupation. Obviously protagonist Joseph Capelli is mounting a resistance, but this is still the Midwest in desolate ruin — something that is heightened through the score.


There’s a lot to experience in Resistance 3, both in terms of the gameplay and music. Insomniac does have an uphill battle in convincing gamers that the problems from the second game have been rectified, but from the looks of these making-ofs and our hands-on experience with the game they are off to a great start.

What do you think of the weapons of Resistance 3? Which is your favorite? How does the music strike you in terms of the story and the visuals?

Resistance 3 releases September 6, 2011 for the PS3.

Source: CVG