The time for talk is over. The time to fight is now. It is time for, zee ray-zees-tahnce! If only the previous games had been narrated with a thick accent like that, maybe I would have enjoyed them more. But that’s neither here nor there. What is here is Resistance 3, and the folks at Insomniac Games would love for you to shoot some aliens by way of their of their fancy PlayStation 3 game. They’d probably even let you use some crazy, made-up gun that fires nano-particles through the facial pores of the Chimera, causing them to get a breakout of pimples so nasty that they’re just too embarrassed to fight where anyone can see them.

We here at Corrupted Saves are never ones to just cynically point out the shortcomings in someone else’s hard work, heavens no, but the top-secret leaked concept art that we’ve managed to get our ┬áhands on below does seem a little suspicious. Maybe Insomniac used up all their creative mojo on the weapons and just didn’t have any left for the Chimera designs. It could be that they used up everything creative on the story… wait no… probably not.

Whether you love the Resistance franchise or you think it’s just another PS3 exclusive shooter that is bafflingly popular, the point is that you will be able to shoot the goo-filled Mason jars off of the backs of snaggle-toothed aliens this Tuesday when Resistance 3 invades this timeline! But only if you have a PlayStation 3.

Resistance 3 Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 050Comic by Zac Landry.