Resistance 3 launched to critical acclaim on PS3 systems everywhere yesterday (and we will have our review up soon), but for those of you who have yet to pick up the game, perhaps the brand new launch trailer can help contain your hunger to fight the Chimeran horde for just a bit longer.

The Resistance 3 launch trailer sports the “We fight or we die” mantra spoken by many of the survivors in the game, and also helps to communicate the desperation that the remaining ten percent of the Earth’s population probably feels. The trailer also helps to show off the beautiful¬†cutscenes¬†in the game, presenting many moments of debate between key characters Capelli and Malikov.

The trailer isn’t all talking of course, as it also shows off an Insomniac trademark of the series, creative weapons. The twelfth weapon in Resistance 3, the Cryogun is showcased for the first time in this trailer. The Cryogun will enable players to freeze Chimera in their tracks, truning them into solid ice. From there players are just click of the melee button away from shattering their foes to pieces a la Duke Nukem.


In addition to the launch trailer, Sony also recently revealed the Kevin Butler Resistance 3 commercial. The advertisement marks the first game to make use of the new Long Live Play slogan, and also features Kevin Butler on a horse with a Move Sharp Shooter, a true return to form for the Sony mascot. While he never uses the Move to the fight the Chimera like Freddie Wong, the commercial itself is still enjoyable, even without a no-look flaming crossbow shot.


The day wasn’t filled just filled with trailers, as Insomniac also has some exciting news for Resistance fans. On October 4th, players can look forward to the first Resistance 3 DLC, the Survivor pack. The Survior Pack contains a new game mode called Invasion, wherein players have to try and capture multiple nodes across the map. This mode is similar to Chain Reaction which was detailed in our Resistance 3 multiplayer beta impressions, with the exception that players no longer need to capture nodes successively. The Survivor Pack will also come with four new skins as well as a static XMB theme for only $3.99. As well, on October 4th, a patch will be released that gives all players access to two brand new maps.

Resistance 3 is available now, exclusively for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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