New 'Resistance 3' Screens Show the Midwest in Ruins

Resistance 3 New Screens

Facebook is good for a lot of things. Sometimes it’s the perfect tool to reconnect with long lost friends, and other times it can bring gamers a perfect little treat. After a recent call to Facebook action, Insomniac Games released a set of four new screenshots for their upcoming PS3 shooter Resistance 3. Turns out the “like” button isn’t just for giving your friends a thumbs up when they do something stupid.

The task was simple. Insomniac asked gamers to go onto the Facebook page for Resistance 3 and press the "like" button. While the team was expecting a turn out, and obviously had screens ready for release, the massive amounts of “likes” ended up delivering not only four very awesome new screenshots, but a PS3 theme to boot.

The screens more or less sum up what we know about the story so far. An invading alien army known as the Chimera has wreaked havoc upon the world and it’s up to the remaining human race to band together and fight. The third game picks up with new protagonist Joseph Capelli (seen in one of the screens fighting the new enemies dubbed the Long Legs), as he tries to salvage some semblance of a homestead in Oklahoma.

Check out the newest screens for Resistance 3 below:

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Aesthetically, Resistance 3 falls right in line with the previous iterations. Run down, decrepit locales have always been the greatest strength of the series — creating the sense that there truly is a global war for survival taking place. Set within the heartland of the United States, it makes perfect sense that the game would feature a lot of the staples of the Midwestern cultural landscape, like old-timey diners and rail yards.

Each time Insomniac decides to give gamers a look at Resistance 3, it only adds to the anticipation. With nothing more than a live-action teaser trailer to go by, it’s hard to evaluate what is sure to be one of the PS3’s top tier titles for next year. Expect to get a better look at Resistance 3 when official gameplay footage debuts during the Spike VGAs. If you happen to be out and about Saturday night, check back to Game Rant Sunday morning for your first look at the trailer.

What do you make of these Resistance 3 screens? Has the game’s promotional material -- namely screen shots -- hit a saturation point that only some actual gameplay footage can break past?

Resistance 3 is set for a Fall 2011 release on the PS3.

Source: VG247

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