Sony has sweetened the prospect of picking up Resistance 3 early by unveiling a whole slew of pre-order bonuses available at select retailers. Featuring strategic advantages like Air Fuel Grenades and starting the multiplayer at level 5, if you’re planning to give the new and improved online component a spin, you might want to give these a look.

For those gamers who might be more interested in Resistance 3 for its story — Joseph Capelli’s struggle to survive amidst a full-on Chimeran colonization — there are one or two pre-order bonuses that also favor the single player campaign.

For a serious advantage in the single player campaign, Amazon is offering the No. 60 Air Fuel Grenade as a pre-order bonus. A popular method of destruction in the first two games, the Air Fuel Grenade released a wide explosion of flames that incinerated any Chimera in its paths. Unfortunately, since it is not included in the retail version of the game, the Air Fuels are only available with your pre-order from Amazon.

At various Canadian and U.S. retailers (none of which are named by Sony), a pre-order bonus skin is available of the Black Ops troops seen in Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. Long since been wiped out by the Chimera, only pre-order holders will be able to take control of these elite soldiers.

Over at GameStop they are offering two items: a replica necklace and being able to start your multiplayer experience at level 5. The necklace offered is an “authentic” replica of the Chimeran teeth necklace hero Joseph Capelli wears in the game, but really most gamers will be looking for that five-level advantage.

By being able to bypass what is ostensibly the multiplayer “training levels,” players will unlock access to immediate flexibility and character customization options. This might also sound like Resistance 3 will be using an online pass that unlocks progression past level 5, but that is purely speculation.

Probably the most exciting pre-order bonus for fans of the Resistance series comes courtesy of Best Buy. With your copy of the game, the retailer is offering a Nathan Hale skin for multiplayer and the ability to taunt your opponents’ dead bodies.

Resistance 3 Pre-Order Bonuses - Nathan Hale

Since Nathan Hale will not be the main protagonist of Resistance 3, this pre-order bonus gives you the chance to once again play as the Chimeran-infected soldier for perhaps the last time.

Finally, Wal-Mart is offering five unique custom name titles for players to help their online identities stand out from the rest. While the only title that was highlighted was “Sentinel,” Sony promises that all five are only available from Wal-Mart.

There you have it, all of the pre-order bonuses for Resistance 3 and all the retailers that are offering them. Some offer multiplayer items and some even give you a replica necklace. There’s still plenty of time to make a final decision, but choose wisely.

Which of the various pre-order bonuses are you considering picking up? Which element of Resistance 3 are you more excited for: single or multiplayer?

Resistance 3 releases September 6, 2011 for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog