‘Resistance 3′ Patch 1.05 Changes Detailed

Resistance 3 Patch 1.05 Changes

Resistance 3 didn't exactly have the smoothest launch, as the game was accompanied with a huge day-one patch that did very little to alleviate the issues plaguing the game's online portion. While many of the issues regarding latency and frame-rate have been sorted out, Insomniac still plans to support the title, and their latest 1.05 patch is going to bring some much needed to changes to the multiplayer.

To start, the patch will bring a reduced number of leapers spawned when players use the Leaper Corpse ability. The community has been begging for this, and rightfully so as Leaper Corpse is often regarded as the 'Martyrdom' of Resistance 3. When players die, a group of Leapers burst out of their corpse and hunt down other players. While relatively easy to kill, these monsters can become infuriating, especially when every other player is using the ability. With a reduced amount being spawned with each death, players should find the ability slightly less irritating.

The patch is full of many other changes designed to balance the game. The Wildfire - Resistance 3's rocket launcher - will no longer be able to lock on between shots, thereby lowering its effectiveness and in turn cutting down the amount of players that spam the rocket launcher in game.

Check out the full list of changes below:



  • Update and bug fixes to the deathcam system


  • Updated Network error messages
  • Several performance updates to fix network lag
  • Improved load times for friends list
  • Refined Hero movement for improved network syncing


  • Fixed issues related to the game host quitting out of a private game
  • The host will no longer lose the ability to start the game after completing a match and returning to the lobby


  • Players will no longer be put into a Team deathmatch game while searching for Deathmatch or Deathmatch Small
  • Searching Deathmatch Small with a party of five or more will no longer cause the “Finding Game” screen to loop until the player backs out.
  • Improved team balancing

User Interface

  • Cleaned up overlapping text fields in the UI
  • The icon for “Double Bird” is now consistant across all menues
  • Fixes to the HUD while playing in Immersive mode


  • Party is no longer allowed to create and enter a game with no opposing team
  • The party leader of parties with 3 players will can no longer result in the party leader being put into the staging screen while the rest of the party is disbanded.

MP Gameplay

  • All equipment and abilities are now purchasable at level 60
  • Players will no longer spawn invisible to other players
  • Suicides award enemies kills if the player is still wounded from their damage
  • Abilities will no longer lose functionality if they activate the ability at the same moment that they dies
  • Split screen players will no longer be on seperate teams
  • Players bodies will no longer hold onto weapons after being killed
  • Change to Chain Reaction final node time


  • Leaper Corpse will now spawn fewer leapers
  • The bubble shield will now disapear when the EMP is used against it.
  • Dash now gives more consistent feedback when the player is unable to use it
  • The players head will no longer vanish when killed while performing a taunt
  • Assassin no longer displays the user as a friendly on the radar for DM games
  • Players will no longer lose berserks and abilities after playing a number of match making games
  • The player will no longer spawn with different genades than what was placed in the primary slot through grenadier


  • The mutators secondary’s will deal damage regardless of the surface to which it is applied
  • Marksman turrets will function properly regardless of the surface to which it is applied
  • Wildfire lock-on disabled in between shots in MP


  • Misc art, collision and volume fixes


  • Improved the Move’s aim mechanic


  • Several bug and crash fixes
  • Co-op player can now watch videos normally
  • Fixes to progression stopping issues while playing campaign in coop


  • Fixed the loading screen for 3D
  • Tracker footprints now appear for both eyes


  • Misc fixes to campaign


  • Remnant levels have been corrected
  • Improvements to the UI

While the game has been playable and DLC has already been released, like most major online shooters R3 has suffered from balancing issues, most notably the aforementioned Wildfire and Leaper Corpse. Insomniac has worked to fix the problems as they have appeared, such as toning down the range of the Atomizer, one of Resistance 3's most notorious weapons. Unfortunately, Insomniac cannot give an exact date for the patch as it has to go through Sony before it can be released, however it's expected to go live sometime next week.

In addition, 1.05 will also come with two brand new maps for the multiplayer, called Creek and The Grainery, with the former supporting sixteen player matches and the latter supporting four player games. Insomniac has said that more support will be coming in the future and that players should keep an eye on the community playlist.

We praised Resistance 3 in our review, so for those of you still on the fence about this title, it's good to know that the patch is sure to be the one that corrects many of the flaws with the multiplayer.

Resistance 3 is available now for the PS3.


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Source: Insomniac Games

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