Insomniac Games Announces Move and 3D Support for 'Resistance 3'

Resistance 3 Gets Move and 3D Support

If a high profile shooter on the PS3 wants to give its players a little bit more bang for their buck, they add support for PlayStation Move and 3D. Of the two FPS exclusives set to launch for the PS3 in 2011, Killzone 3 has included support for both and now Resistance 3 is following suit.

Announced as part of a community event, developer Insomniac Games revealed that not only would the third entry in their alien invasion series be featuring support for Move and 3D, but that it would also support the sharpshooter attachment — a customizable peripheral that holds the Move controller and joystick.

While each element might not necessarily be integral to the Resistance 3 experience, they certainly add a new dynamic to a series that is now three entries deep. By including support for new and upcoming tech, Sony and Insomniac are introducing gamers to what they hope is the future of gaming.

Gamers might be looking at this inclusion of 3D and Move as nothing but an attempt to push new peripherals, but what it really is about is appealing to a wider audience. With a ton of weapons — so many that a weapon wheel is the perfect vessel from which to select them — Resistance 3 isn’t exactly going to be pick-up-and-play for your casual gamer.

However with support for Move and the user-friendly sharpshooter peripheral, those gamers who might be looking for a more casual experience, or something that is easier to get invested in, can now look to the Chimera-shooting combat of Resistance 3 as a viable option.

On the other side of the coin, hardcore gamers needn’t feel like Insomniac has abandoned them as the inclusion of 3D and Move support are merely cherries on top of an already enticing sundae. Insomniac has even proven that they are willing to adapt to the needs of their hardcore audience as indicated by their multiplayer overhaul. There is now a good balance of hardcore shooter elements and casual easily accessible controls for each type of gamer.

Resistance 3 3D Move Support - Insomniac Posing

Whether gamers like it or not, Sony is going to look to feature Move or 3D support in the titles they publish — most likely both. At the end of the day, though, as long as the game features compelling elements across the board and, it wont matter how you play it.

Are you interested in playing Resistance 3 using the Move or in 3D? Do you think that by including support for these technologies Insomniac has widened their potential audience?

Resistance 3 releases September 6, 2011 with Move and 3D support for the PS3.

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