Hot on the heels of the first Resistance 3 DLC release developer Insomniac Games have announced that a new patch (1.05) and two new maps are coming gamers’ way very soon. Not only that, the two new maps, which are tentatively referred to as ‘The Creek’ and ‘The Granary,’ will come free of charge — a very sweet deal.

For those who might not have heard about the ‘Survival DLC Pack,’ it ships with a new mode called Invasion (which asks teams to spread through troops across various sections of the map to earn points), skins for Herbert, Glenda, Jean, and Charlie, and a Resistance 3 Survivor Concept Art Static XMB theme. Unlike the two maps, the ‘Survival’ pack will set gamers back $3.99.

While Insomniac didn’t share any details regarding patch 1.05 and didn’t say when gamers could expect the new maps, just the announcement should get Resistance 3 fans excited. Sure, the game has experienced a few hiccups both in the single player and multiplayer departments, but none of that could take away how fantastic the game as a whole is.

Insomniac has actually been pretty mum about updates to Resistance 3 in general, keeping many of the important details to themselves. Since the last patch we can report that most issues have been non-existent, but a few glitches here and there have been reported.

What is probably most confusing about this announcement is the fact that two maps will be provided for free while a new mode and some skins will run $3.99. Since Sony has already paved the way for the Online Pass with Resistance 3, it’s surprising that both sets of DLC aren’t both free or both a small fee.

Still, for a chance to keep the experience of one of 2011’s highlights going we can’t complain too much.

Have you had a chance to check out the new ‘Survival DLC Pack?’ Are there any issues you are still encountering with Resistance 3 that you would like to see fixed with patch 1.05?

Resistance 3 is available now for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog