Insomniac Games Talks 'Resistance 3' Story, Weapons, & Multiplayer [Video]

Resistance 3 Developer Video Insomniac

People who have been paying attention to blockbuster game development recently will already be aware that large-scale world-building has become a major factor when determining bankability. Give us big, give us loud, and give us gore if nothing else.

With Resistance 3 set to provide all that and more, Insomniac Games is going on the record with a video of the developers detailing their thoughts on the project, and decisions that they have made which they feel will improve the game as a whole.

For those who aren't already familiar with some of the story details for Resistance 3, the game will pick up immediately after the second ended. The story will be following Joseph Capelli, one of the infection-resistant soldiers defending Earth from the Chimera invasion. It's always difficult for a strong personal story to stay relevant in a world as massive and action-packed as that of Resistance - a fact that the developers hope will be solved by injecting some old-west inspiration into the next installment.

To find out about the story, character design, environment, weaponry, and many other aspects, it's best to hear it from the developers at Insomniac themselves, courtesy of Game Informer (spoilers for Resistance 2 ahead):


Clearly the team have high hopes for Resistance 3, and rightly so. At this point, it seems that most of the complaints players had with the previous games will be addressed this time around. That's the plan at any rate, but if the first screenshots are anything to go on, the result could really be something special. Perhaps a little bit of change is what the series has been lacking, and following a new character, in a new type of narrative, within the larger game world would certainly remedy that.

It's always good to hear that the mood and tone of a game are a priority for the developers, and that was made loud and clear with the release of the live-action teaser trailer alone. Regardless of how successful the team is in telling an intimate story, the crossover between multiplayer battles and the single player campaign, as well as the new looks for weapons and enemy design are sure to provide a new experience.

We'll find out how much the old west can bring to the end of the world when Resistance 3 makes its way exclusively to the PS3 some time in 2011.

Source: Game Informer

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