Insomniac Talks 'Resistance 3' Hero and Multiplayer Details

Resistance 3 Details Boast More Focused Multiplayer, New Hero

For fans of the PlayStation 3's flagship first person shooter franchise, details on Resistance 3 have been a long time coming.

Luckily, in a recent blog post by Insomniac Games' Creative Director Marcus Smith, gamers now know a few more facts about Sony's 2011 exclusive. Insomniac has big plans for the third entry of the Resistance saga, but be warned: spoilers for Resistance 2 lie ahead.Remember the Sentinel at the end of Resistance 2 - tasked with ending the life of series protagonist Nathan Hale? His name is Joseph Capelli, and he's the character players will control in Resistance 3. Living in seclusion with his family in Haven, Oklahoma, Capelli has traded in his firearms - and made avoiding the Chimera his top priority. All that changes, however, when Dr. Malikov contacts Capelli with plans to attack the Chimera. Thus begins Resistance 3: a story of Capelli's journey from Oklahoma to New York City to attack the Chimera and his experiences meeting his fellow survivors.

Capelli will wield a gun that's now become a series staple - the Bullseye. Resistance 3 will feature a sequence with Capelli traveling by boat and being pursued by familiar foes like the Goliath and new enemies like the Long Legs. If that wasn't enough, two groups now make up the Chimera. Feral Chimera pose a threat to not only humans, but militarized Chimera as well.

On the multiplayer front, maps themselves don't necessarily all resemble campaign locations. Insomniac will include maps that are based on other locations in the Resistance universe - such as a prison in the Republic of Chad, Africa. As gamers play through the campaign, broadcasts of battle updates will be heard for locations in the multiplayer component.

Resistance 3 Chimera

Additionally, Insomniac is bringing back the weapon wheel - and including the option to upgrade your arsenal with new powers and abilities.

Finally, Smith confirms that Resistance 3 multiplayer will be much more focused than its predecessors and will be a progression based experience. Even co-op is getting an overhaul, with a 2-player campaign designed in conjunction with the single player offering - that can be played online or split-screen.

If those details aren't enough to get excited over, Marcus also teased the upcoming trailer at this year's VGA awards. Smith has also promised even more details about the game after the trailer wows viewers over the weekend.

Ranters, are you hyped up for Resistance 3? What features do you want to see in the next installment? Do you think Insomniac should focus more on campaign or multiplayer? Sound off in the comments section below, you know you want to.

Resistance 3 will release exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in Fall 2011.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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