Resistance 3 Goes Gold with New Trailer; Includes Bonus Content on Disc

Today Insomniac Games announced that their highly anticipated shooter Resistance 3 has gone gold. Insomniac has been working on the title for longer than usual – with an extended development cycle to insure that they don’t make the same mistakes they did with Resistance 2. The hard work looks like it is paying off, as Resistance 3 could be the high point in the franchise so far.

Many Resistance fans may be wondering how the game could have gone gold if their is still a beta test going on, does this mean that the Resistance 3 beta is just a demo and not a real beta? Luckily, the former doesn’t seem to be the case as Insomniac states that a day one patch will accompany the release of Resistance 3 to tweak many of the issues that crop up during the beta.

For those of you wondering, the beta started today for anyone who purchased specially marked copies of SOCOM 4, and will open up to European and North American PlayStation Plus subscribers throughout the month.

To accompany the news, Insomniac has also released the “RESIST” trailer, which helps to wrap up everything we’ve seen so far from Resistance 3. The trailer shows new story details while also showing-off plenty of gameplay, including an impressive looking upgraded Bullseye rifle – which is able to tag three targets at once.

Check it out below:

As an extra addition, the Resistance 3 retail disc will include a plethora of bonus content, though sadly none of it is really Resistance-related.  The disc will include:

Gamers interested in the Resistance universe should note that Sony recently released the book Resistance: A Hole In The Sky, written by William C. Dietz (who also wrote the previous book Resistance: The Gathering Storm), available in paperback – and tells the story of main character Joseph Capelli and his wife Susan Farley leading up to the events in Resistance 3.  Insomniac also released the browser-based RTS game Global Resistance which brings with it in-game rewards for Resistance 3.

While many fans had negative comments from the title’s predecessor, Resistance 2, Insomniac looks to have fixed any issues present in the latest release. Keep reading Gamerant later this week for our impressions on the Resistance 3 beta.

Resistance 3 launches September 6th, 2011 for the PS3, and the amount of hard work that Insomniac has put into the sequel should pay off.

Are you looking forward to Resistance 3, and will you be picking it up when it lands early next month?

Source: PlayStation Blog